RPGrinders EP 390 - Kung-Fu, Close Enough to White Titties

This week, the show is off to a drab start without Mug, but he swoops in to save the day, as usual! We blast through the news, briefly discuss cute horror, touch briefly on racism and the shittiness of roguelikes, and wax poetic about Batman voice actors (Peter Weller as Robocop as Batman was a terrible idea). Frank finally discovers the one thing that is not better than Dragon Quest 8, and also reveals the best film title ever conceived. Break breaks down, Eric melts down, and Frank exhiles everyone. So, business as usual! Join the fun and follow @RPGrinders on twitter!


RPGrinders EP 389 - 18 Rounds of Goff

This episode, Mug and his loyal subjects blast through a modest amount of news, note the new footage of Ys VIII, lament the woes of surgery, talk marijuana legislation, and Break goes off on garbage collectors. What follows is a spoileriffic discussion of Captain America: Civil War, its ups and downs, and where the MCU goes next (Hint: T'Challa rocks your face off). We wrap up with a healthy dose of hatred for the abominable Star Wars prequel trilogy, and much lamenting for the fate of the Fox-owned Fantastic Four. Long story short, go see the movie. Then come back and follow @RPGrinders on twitter!


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