RPGrinders EP 485 - Jeff Goldbum X 11

The Grinders are back for another episode of RPGrinders. A long news section but that is to be expected as we get closer to June and E3.

After a long news section, the Grinders get back into politics! As long as Trump in in office, there will always be something to talk about.

Now that Break has seen Thor he needs to catch up with the rest of the world and see Black Panther.

Where's your chair? I didn't get a chair.


RPGrinders EP 474 - The Stinkos and the Sweetos

This episode of RPGrinders is takin over by the Stinkos and the Sweetos! Of course the Grinders have enough time to talk about news but not much else, once they get to the stinkos.

There may be a lot of stinkos but there are more than enough sweetos to keep the show upbeat!



RPGrinders EP 473 - Government Grinder Shutdown

In this Buddy Podcaster episode of RPGrinders, Frank and Eric go it without Break, while they get through the news. Then there is talk about why a company having money is not a good indicator of their financial health. As is why an individual having a lot of money is also wasteful. But afterwards, there are reviews for The Shape of Water, The Disaster Artist, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, and Bright. Be sure to check out the live show on Twitch and Youtube at 7 PM EST! Also, if you like Eric's written game reviews, be sure to support them at Patreon if you can! 



RPGrinders EP 468 - A Shit Pie Hole

In this jam packed episode, the guys talk Star Wars, the Alabama special election, sexual harrassment, and Ajit Pai and the corrupt FCC vote to kill Net Neutrality!  All this and so much more only on RPGrinders!  Follow us on twitter @RPGrinders (we read ALL comments and questions on air) and join us LIVE every Friday at 7EST! Join the chat, join the RPGrinders community!!!!


RPGrinders EP 467 - Force Masturbator

In this new heavy episode, the guys are graced with Eric's return after a nasty cold and sinus infection which robbed him of thier voice. Although he's not quite  ready, as he has a coughing fit in the middle of the show. He recovers though, and the crew has a big talk on more Cop and goverment nonsense. Then there's a rview from Frank about Clowntergeist and Justice Legue, with some talk on the safety issue in the NFL. Be sure to check us out on Youtube and Twitch! 


RPGrinders EP 462 - Tit or Treat

As the night of Old Hallows Eve approaches, the Grinders prepare for the frights to come.

They celebrate the holliday by sharing some of their favorite scary movies and games. Zombies, werewolves, vampires, critters, puppets, Pinheads, ghosts, and all sorts of the scariest things.

Before the scary fun begins, the Grinders trek through a long news cycle and get hung up on Stinkos. Frank and Break get into another back and forth, this time over the government and the tax rates of corporations. Before things get too heated, Mug is there to be the adult in the room. Frank and Break might never agree but they will always be friends.

Horror, racism, politics. The Grinders are never afraid to tackle any issue!

Happy Halloween. MUHAHAHAHA!






RPGrinders EP 460- No If’s, And’s, or Buttholes

This episode sees the Grinders talk about South Park's latest video game The Fractured, But Whole, Eric joins in late, Mug is on assignment.  Will the Grinders implode?  Listen in to find out!

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RPGrinders EP 459 - With Enough Lube Anything is Possible

An hour worth of RPG news is enough for most but for the RPGrinders, it's only the beginning! The Grinders once again talk about guns and the 2nd Amendment. They review movies and games, including the classic movie Blade Runner. They also debate what access to content the developers should give to the players.

The Las Vegas massacre, automatic weapons, bump stocks, and guns of all types are hot issues. Even one murder is too many, but what happened in Vegas is horrific beyond words. Something must be done, but the Grinders don't trust the corrupt government to ever do anything productive.

Oh yea, and the return of the harmonica!


RPGrinders EP 451 - Treasure Lesbians

In this news filled episode of RPGrinders, we go Mugless once again, and are at a crossroads with what to do with the future of Our stream. Youtube or Twitch. Things are a changin' at RPGrinders. But to cap off the show after are sweetos and stinkos, there is heated discussion on whether or not there will be a war with North Korea. Be sure to listen for the thrills, chills, and bedlam!


RPGrinders EP 448 - A New Day

Frank and the crew move to Saturdays, at 3 PM Eastern and get right back to our usual shenanigans. We talk about some upcoming releases and some long promised titles that might actually see the light of day. Even though it was a sad stinko day, it couldn't stop us from gushing all over Spider-Man: Homecoming and Castlevania. Don't worry no Spider-Man spoilers.