RPGrinders EP 497 - Crashed!!!

The RPGrinders are almost to episode 500 and we can't wait to celebrate! Unfortunately, an internet crash leaves Frank and Eric to do most of the show by theirselves. Frank and Eric have done this show for a very long time so they have no problem picking up Break's slack.

There is plenty of time to enter the Grinders contests. Frank is giving away gift cards, to whatever the winner wants! All we need from the listeners is to Tweet @RPGrinders the answers to the following:

The BEST title for a Mexican in Medieval Times!

The BEST Would You Rather...!

AND...... we need to think of more contests!

Winners will be based on the Host's judgement.

We take bribes!





RPGrinders EP 489 - Life in the Slimfast lane

As the weather warms and E3 draws near, the Grinders find theirselves with plenty of news. Of course, that doesn't stop them from being distracted by Infinity War spoilers and Avengers sex toys.

Even though it's a shorter episode, the Grinders have plenty to talk about; but nothing more important than the return of Moriya Mug! He has been missed.

Not only is E3 quickly approaching but also the 500th episode of RPGrinders is right around the corner! This is going to be one hell of a summer!



RPGrinders EP 484- Is That a Flagpole in Your Bum or Are You Just Happy 2 see Me?

This episode starts with some cool rpg/jrpg/game news, Eric reviews A Quiet Place and Pacific Rim Uprising, Break laments new Ohio cigarette laws, the guys discuss trade wars with China, and last and most certainly least extra curricular activities on a golf course!  Follow us on Twitter @RPGrinders and catch the show live every Friday 7EST on Twitch or Youtube!  Consider helping Eric with his patreon here:  https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4237202 .   Thanks so much for listening!!!!!!!


RPGrinders EP 482 - When Winter Cries

Frank, Eric, and Break welcome in Spring with a brand new episode!

Not a lot of news but the Grinders cover games like Zone of the Enders 2nd Runner Mars, Yakuza Kiwama 2, and Psychedelica Black Butterfly.

Eric reviews Batman and Harley Quin, and more, while Frank reviews Wolfenstein 2 and Shadow of the Colossus.

Gaming news and Winter blues (only for Break_Man).


RPGrinders EP 475 - You Lying Liar!

The Grinders talk politics and gaming news. In other words, today's episode was business as usual but we keep it as interesting as we can.

The government is always a hot topic but the State of the Union address has Frank even more fired up that normal. Since it's Trump's first SotU, who can blame him? No one hates Trump more than Frank but we hate him too.

Twitter question: Are there things in video games that effect you in physical or emotional ways?

Answer this is or ask us anything. There isn't a question we have denied yet!


RPGrinders EP 471 - If it’s Brown, Flush it Down

A New Year means a new season of the same ol` Grinders!

Frank and Eric handle the news because Break is MIA, again. Break does manage to show up in time to talk about what he has been playing. The same things he is always playing. Although Break's gaming week may disappoint, Eric and Frank have played enough to pick up the slack. South Park, Mad Max and many more games get discussed.

A lot of Stinkos, involving everything from sports to entitled YouTubers.

Now that Frank has had a few weeks of this generation of gaming, he explains why he has avoided multiplayer gaming. That prompted a discussion on how everyone feels about multiplayer. Frank, Eric, and the chatters all prefer a wonderful single player experience and give good reasons why. Break mostly agrees, however he seems to get some sick pleasure from killing other gamers.

Thanks to DB, Freak, and Weiland.

Also, fuck Jeff Sessions.



RPGrinders EP 469 - When’s the XBox One SEX Coming Out?

The last episode before the RPGrinders celebrate the holidays!

It's a packed episode with so many different topics from taxes to Star Wars. Last week, the show was Star Wars spoiler free but this week is spoilertastic! If you haven't seen Star Wars: The Last Jedi, for some odd reason, you might have to skip a part of the show. Don't worry, we give you a spoiler warning before we start.

There is a lot of venting and anger when the government and taxes are discussed but that can't sour the good news; Frank finally joins this generation of gaming with his very own Xbox One X! With Xbox Game Pass, Frank has been able to try a lot of games. Of the bunch, Wolfenstein earned his highest praises.

Before the Grinders can set off in search of food they take a moment to reflect on some of their favorite and least favorite games of the year.

Happy Holidays!


RPGrinders EP 468 - A Shit Pie Hole

In this jam packed episode, the guys talk Star Wars, the Alabama special election, sexual harrassment, and Ajit Pai and the corrupt FCC vote to kill Net Neutrality!  All this and so much more only on RPGrinders!  Follow us on twitter @RPGrinders (we read ALL comments and questions on air) and join us LIVE every Friday at 7EST! Join the chat, join the RPGrinders community!!!!


RPGrinders EP 463 - Trump’s Treats

News, reviews, politics, Stranger Things, and Daylight savings time collide in another episode of RPGrinders.

The RPGrinders quickly burn through a long news section to get to the meat of the show, a whirlwind debate on politics and racism. Frank goes off on Trump and the rest of our so called leaders.

Frank and Break hotly (as usual) debate the NFL and comparisons between owners and slavery. It wouldn't be an episode of RPGrinders if Frank and Break didn't argue.

They disagree about a lot of things but they can agree on their dislike for Daylight Savings Time and Donald Trump.


RPGrinders EP 462 - Tit or Treat

As the night of Old Hallows Eve approaches, the Grinders prepare for the frights to come.

They celebrate the holliday by sharing some of their favorite scary movies and games. Zombies, werewolves, vampires, critters, puppets, Pinheads, ghosts, and all sorts of the scariest things.

Before the scary fun begins, the Grinders trek through a long news cycle and get hung up on Stinkos. Frank and Break get into another back and forth, this time over the government and the tax rates of corporations. Before things get too heated, Mug is there to be the adult in the room. Frank and Break might never agree but they will always be friends.

Horror, racism, politics. The Grinders are never afraid to tackle any issue!

Happy Halloween. MUHAHAHAHA!