RPGrinders EP 494 - Norman Reedus Walking Simulator

 In this E3 packed edition of RPGrinders, the guys lay out all of the news that E3 brought to the table. Of course, afterwards they go into the nitty gritty of what they all thought of the show itself, like the fact that no one still doesn't understand what Death Stranding is. Of course there's the sweetos and stinkos as usal, and Eric has a review of Haikara-san: Here comes Miss Modern. Be sure to check out the show live on Fridays at 7PM EST on Twitch/Youtube, especially for the upcoming episode 500! 


RPGrinders EP 483 - Ready Player Belch

In this brisk episode of RPGrinders, the crew talks about a small amount of news, with the most important fact that Dragon Quest XI finally has a Western release date. But afterwards, the guys do thier stinkos and Sweetos. Elon Musk is Garbage, Round1 opens up near Eric's neck of the woods, and there's a review of Ready Player One, and the results might surprise you! Be sure to enjoy the show live on Fridays at 7PM EST on Twitch!


RPGrinders EP 474 - The Stinkos and the Sweetos

This episode of RPGrinders is takin over by the Stinkos and the Sweetos! Of course the Grinders have enough time to talk about news but not much else, once they get to the stinkos.

There may be a lot of stinkos but there are more than enough sweetos to keep the show upbeat!



RPGrinders EP 450 - Stop Calling Me

Todays news is heavily dominated by Dragon Quest and Senran Kagura. We review SpiderMan Homecoming (again), War for the Planet of the Apes and talk about some upcoming movies that have us very excited. What has us more excited? Drum roll please........... The long over due return of MoriyaMug!!!!!


RPGrinders EP 449 - The Government vs Frank vs BreakMan

Frank, Eric and Break Man talk about some upcoming games, like Dragon Quest 11. Frank can barely contain the laughter as Break Man talks about what it's like to be the stupidest person ever. Eric battles the internet and time as he is forced to listen to Frank and Break argue, AGAIN. Frank and Break can't help arguing, espicially when Trump and the US government are involved!