RPGrinders EP 497 - Crashed!!!

The RPGrinders are almost to episode 500 and we can't wait to celebrate! Unfortunately, an internet crash leaves Frank and Eric to do most of the show by theirselves. Frank and Eric have done this show for a very long time so they have no problem picking up Break's slack.

There is plenty of time to enter the Grinders contests. Frank is giving away gift cards, to whatever the winner wants! All we need from the listeners is to Tweet @RPGrinders the answers to the following:

The BEST title for a Mexican in Medieval Times!

The BEST Would You Rather...!

AND...... we need to think of more contests!

Winners will be based on the Host's judgement.

We take bribes!





RPGrinders EP 495 - Dinos Gone Wild

It's Post E3 2018, so there isn't much  gaming news but there is still plenty of conversation. Among this episodes topics were movie reviews, episode 500 prep, immigration, and President Stupid.

Eric reviews several movies, including: Hereditary, Incredibles 2, and the latest Jurassic World!

Most of the episode was dedicated to the importance of immigration and the ugliness of the Trump policies. What kind of sick bastard thinks it's ok to rip children away from their parents? Parents who's only crimes are trying to find a better life for themselves and their children? Not only take those children away but put them in cages? And what kind of person would justify that kind of atrocity??

I would call Trump a moron but that seems unfair to morons.






RPGrinders EP 494 - Norman Reedus Walking Simulator

 In this E3 packed edition of RPGrinders, the guys lay out all of the news that E3 brought to the table. Of course, afterwards they go into the nitty gritty of what they all thought of the show itself, like the fact that no one still doesn't understand what Death Stranding is. Of course there's the sweetos and stinkos as usal, and Eric has a review of Haikara-san: Here comes Miss Modern. Be sure to check out the show live on Fridays at 7PM EST on Twitch/Youtube, especially for the upcoming episode 500! 


RPGrinders EP 493 - Get Straight to the Fucking

It's the final episode before E3 2018 and the Grinders are excited! They talk about what sequels they hope to see and speculate on what big developers like Nintendo and Sony have up their sleaves.

An episode of mostly gaming talk but they do make time to talk about some movies. Batman Ninja, Hereditary, and Solo all get reviewed and one even gets a spoiler warning!

Frank is hoping to do live casts of the E3 press conferences so be sure to follow him on Twitter! @Frankbranches

E3 isn't the only thing the has the Grinders excited. With less than 10 episodes till episode 500 some details begin to emerge. They will be giving out several $10 gift cards to live listeners!!!

Trump stress ball, trademarked RPGrinders.



RPGrinders EP 492 - Pre E3 Hype Hour

In this episode, the guys get through a slew of news, including some more details on Mega Man 11. Afterwards, the usual Stinkos and Sweetos, with some nonsense about a Dump in Chief pardon people for thier crimes. Eric also has a review for Solo: A Star Wars Story, which then leads into whether or not the franchise has fallen into fatigue. Be sure to listen live on Fridays at 7PM EST on Twitch or Youtube! 


RPGrinders EP 487 - Thanos Quest

This episode of RPGrinders features time traveling cats, garlic witches, questing for dragons, fools balls, breast missles, never ending wars, pudding pops, and the same old Grinders!

Lot's of new games and visual novels for the Grinders to talk about before getting into what's on everyone's mind: Avengers Infinity War.   Why talk news when Frank, Eric, Break, and special guest Freak5Choas can go spoiler crazy over the newest Marvel Masterpiece.

Spoiler Warning: The first half of the episode is spoiler free but the second half is no holds barred.

I am Groot.




RPGrinders EP 486 - Fairy Flute Madness

I nthis jam-packed episode of RPGrinders, the guys get through a good chunk of news before diving headfirst into a bevy of reviews from Eric and Frank. Movies covered are the Isle of Dogs, Rampage, Detective Pikachu, and Journey. Break Man also finally got around to see Black Panther, so the gang's all prepared for the Infinity War extravaganza next week! We also talk about Marijauna, becuase it's 4/10 of course. There's also the usual Stinkos and Sweetos, but there's some nonsense about some racist Starbucks employees. Be sure to check out the show live on Fridays at 7PM EST on Twitch or Youtube! 


RPGrinders EP 485 - Jeff Goldbum X 11

The Grinders are back for another episode of RPGrinders. A long news section but that is to be expected as we get closer to June and E3.

After a long news section, the Grinders get back into politics! As long as Trump in in office, there will always be something to talk about.

Now that Break has seen Thor he needs to catch up with the rest of the world and see Black Panther.

Where's your chair? I didn't get a chair.


RPGrinders EP 483 - Ready Player Belch

In this brisk episode of RPGrinders, the crew talks about a small amount of news, with the most important fact that Dragon Quest XI finally has a Western release date. But afterwards, the guys do thier stinkos and Sweetos. Elon Musk is Garbage, Round1 opens up near Eric's neck of the woods, and there's a review of Ready Player One, and the results might surprise you! Be sure to enjoy the show live on Fridays at 7PM EST on Twitch!


RPGrinders EP 482 - When Winter Cries

Frank, Eric, and Break welcome in Spring with a brand new episode!

Not a lot of news but the Grinders cover games like Zone of the Enders 2nd Runner Mars, Yakuza Kiwama 2, and Psychedelica Black Butterfly.

Eric reviews Batman and Harley Quin, and more, while Frank reviews Wolfenstein 2 and Shadow of the Colossus.

Gaming news and Winter blues (only for Break_Man).