RPGrinders EP 492 - Pre E3 Hype Hour

In this episode, the guys get through a slew of news, including some more details on Mega Man 11. Afterwards, the usual Stinkos and Sweetos, with some nonsense about a Dump in Chief pardon people for thier crimes. Eric also has a review for Solo: A Star Wars Story, which then leads into whether or not the franchise has fallen into fatigue. Be sure to listen live on Fridays at 7PM EST on Twitch or Youtube! 


RPGrinders EP 488 - Pay to Wait

In this episode of RPGrinders the guys have to constantly remind you that need need money to fill our energy meters, so we can do menial tasks such as delivering the news. And stuff like stinkos and sweetos. There are many plans for you to get the show in increments in different denominations. Want to hear our thoughts on why Warner Bros. can jump off a cliff, or Frank's prospecting adventures? That'll be 5 bucks for 3 minutes, or you can wait 5 hours. Just kidding folks, Harry Potter: Mystery Whatsits is terrible. Although we really are running out of energy. Be sure to listen live, completely free on Twitch TV or Youtube, Fridays at 7PM EST!


RPGrinders EP 484- Is That a Flagpole in Your Bum or Are You Just Happy 2 see Me?

This episode starts with some cool rpg/jrpg/game news, Eric reviews A Quiet Place and Pacific Rim Uprising, Break laments new Ohio cigarette laws, the guys discuss trade wars with China, and last and most certainly least extra curricular activities on a golf course!  Follow us on Twitter @RPGrinders and catch the show live every Friday 7EST on Twitch or Youtube!  Consider helping Eric with his patreon here:  https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4237202 .   Thanks so much for listening!!!!!!!


RPGrinders EP 483 - Ready Player Belch

In this brisk episode of RPGrinders, the crew talks about a small amount of news, with the most important fact that Dragon Quest XI finally has a Western release date. But afterwards, the guys do thier stinkos and Sweetos. Elon Musk is Garbage, Round1 opens up near Eric's neck of the woods, and there's a review of Ready Player One, and the results might surprise you! Be sure to enjoy the show live on Fridays at 7PM EST on Twitch!


RPGrinders EP 471 - If it’s Brown, Flush it Down

A New Year means a new season of the same ol` Grinders!

Frank and Eric handle the news because Break is MIA, again. Break does manage to show up in time to talk about what he has been playing. The same things he is always playing. Although Break's gaming week may disappoint, Eric and Frank have played enough to pick up the slack. South Park, Mad Max and many more games get discussed.

A lot of Stinkos, involving everything from sports to entitled YouTubers.

Now that Frank has had a few weeks of this generation of gaming, he explains why he has avoided multiplayer gaming. That prompted a discussion on how everyone feels about multiplayer. Frank, Eric, and the chatters all prefer a wonderful single player experience and give good reasons why. Break mostly agrees, however he seems to get some sick pleasure from killing other gamers.

Thanks to DB, Freak, and Weiland.

Also, fuck Jeff Sessions.



RPGrinders EP 468 - A Shit Pie Hole

In this jam packed episode, the guys talk Star Wars, the Alabama special election, sexual harrassment, and Ajit Pai and the corrupt FCC vote to kill Net Neutrality!  All this and so much more only on RPGrinders!  Follow us on twitter @RPGrinders (we read ALL comments and questions on air) and join us LIVE every Friday at 7EST! Join the chat, join the RPGrinders community!!!!


RPGrinders EP 467 - Force Masturbator

In this new heavy episode, the guys are graced with Eric's return after a nasty cold and sinus infection which robbed him of thier voice. Although he's not quite  ready, as he has a coughing fit in the middle of the show. He recovers though, and the crew has a big talk on more Cop and goverment nonsense. Then there's a rview from Frank about Clowntergeist and Justice Legue, with some talk on the safety issue in the NFL. Be sure to check us out on Youtube and Twitch! 


RPGrinders EP 464 - Thor’s Bogus Adventure

In this movie review filled episode of RPGrinders, the guys once again do without Mug, as they make their announcement to move back to Fridays a fortnight from now. It's really for everyone's best interests. But after gettign the chunky news segment out of the way, Eric reviews Thor: Ragnarock and Pokemon - I Choose You. There's also a review of the roundabout expereince they had seeing Justice League. Maybe He'll actually review it next week, or the following week. But we also get in on the holiday consumer spirit with everyone's favorite, Black Friday. Break busts out the sweet deals for games and hardware, and that's a wrap! Be sure to check out other great shows on Wicked Radio Network! 


RPGrinders EP 461 - The Mad Catter

In this episode of RPGrinders, the gang goes without once again, but they manage to get through the news just fine without him. But once we start talking about Cat Quest, Break Man gets broken by Cat Puns, but rebounds for some more talk about the dumpter fire that is current American Politics. We als otalk about the crappy state of affairs that is AAA gaming. Be sure to check other shows on Wicked Radio Network!


RPGrinders EP 460- No If’s, And’s, or Buttholes

This episode sees the Grinders talk about South Park's latest video game The Fractured, But Whole, Eric joins in late, Mug is on assignment.  Will the Grinders implode?  Listen in to find out!

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