RPGrinders EP 391- Rock Me Amadeus!

This episode Mug is at another midget sex orgy, Break and Frank have good and bad cop stories, Eric reviews Uncharted 4, a man proposes using Mario Maker, and finally Frank reviews Wolf Among Us (finally!).  For more visit our Twitter feed @RPGrinders and send us comments and questions that will read on air!! Thanks for listening!!


RPGrinders EP 390 - Kung-Fu, Close Enough to White Titties

This week, the show is off to a drab start without Mug, but he swoops in to save the day, as usual! We blast through the news, briefly discuss cute horror, touch briefly on racism and the shittiness of roguelikes, and wax poetic about Batman voice actors (Peter Weller as Robocop as Batman was a terrible idea). Frank finally discovers the one thing that is not better than Dragon Quest 8, and also reveals the best film title ever conceived. Break breaks down, Eric melts down, and Frank exhiles everyone. So, business as usual! Join the fun and follow @RPGrinders on twitter!


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