RPGrinders EP 540- Adam Whitlatch Interview

In this extra packed edition of RPGrinders, after the news, the guys have special guest Adam J. Whitlatch author of War of the Worlds: Goliath, The Weller, and Vengeance for my Valentine among others to discuss his books, his upcoming RPG based on The Weller, and everybody's favorite topic politics!  Adam weighs in on creating art, antidotes about conventions, and also has his very unique take on all of our classic segments like Stinkos and Sweetos of the week!  You definitely don't want to miss this special interview episode of RPGrinders!  Please check out Adam's website here: Adam's Website

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RPGrinders EP 539 - Shovel Break

This weeks episode of RPGrinders is filled with news, reviews, sex toys, abortion laws, toxic masculinity, Detective Pikachu, magic mushrooms, and so much more! 

With E3 just over a month away there are plenty of news stories. The remake of Final Fantasy 7, a new expansion for Monster Hunter and a Taiwanese developed game named Dusk Diver, just to name a few.

The newest and greatest segment, #DearBreakMan, has more questions that need to be answered. Today's questions feature proper testicle cupping etiquette and coming out after 45. (Remember to always wash your hands before cupping balls.) Break is here to save the world one tweet at a time!

It wouldn't be Grinders without Stinkos and Sweetos. Stinkos about new abortion laws, anti-vaxxers, and the tariff-man are more than enough bad news, so it's good to have a sex toy Sweeto to offset the bad.

Before ending the show the Grinders tackle the topic of toxic masculinity. Different perceptions of masculinity, toxic behavior, and "mansplaining" are just part of this important conversation. 

Legalize cow shit. 




RPGrinders EP 538 - Sonic the Horrorhog

In this spoiler filled Endgame podcast, the guys get through the news, and frank has a review of King Oddball, now that's he's got the platinum for it. Afterwards, we do spoil Endgame with our more in-depth review of the film, as well as give our picks for most anticipated summer movies of 2019. Afterwards we give our stinkos to a few immoral pieces of crap, and talk about that Sonic movie reveal, But the most interesting discussion is the topic of industry crunch. Be sure to watch the show live on Fridays at 7PM EST on Twitch or Youtube!


RPGrinders EP 537- BreakMan My Hero

This episode we die, go to heaven, and are given the opportunity to watch Avengers: Endgame.  We do a SPOILER FREE mini review of Avengers: Endgame (spoiler filled review next week), new friends join chat, Eric reviews Okko's Inn, Break Man gets new theme music for his segment, Break and Frank tag team an idiot Twitter troll (you don't want to miss this ridiculousness), and finally Break Man is justifiably pissed that Walgreen's has raised the minimum age to purchase tobacco to 21 even though he doesn't smoke.  Wanna know his reasoning? All in this spectacular non bloated packed edition of the longest running podcast about RPG's and skepticism!  Follow us on Twitter @RPGrinders and be sure to send your #dearBreakMan questions (anything goes!) to said Twitter account, all entries will be discussed on the show.  Also, please support our written word reviewer extrodinaire Eric here: Eric's Patreon


RPGrinders EP 536 - Bad Friday

This overstuffed Good Friday edition of Grinders has a wide range of topics. The Pet Sematary remake, abortion, and more Would You Rathers than they have ever done, just to name a few.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 and Dark Devotion get release dates, the Ys series gets a new mobile game, and the Final Fantasy Symphony highlight the news.

The Twitter segment gets renamed Dear Breakman and gets new questions. Break Man can't wait to give advice and share his lack of knowledge with the world. Just tweet @rpgrinders with the hash tag #dearbreakman for relationship advice, men, women, toilet practices, or whatever you want to know.

If you don't need advice, how about a #WouldYouRather ? Would you rather step on hot coals or LEGO blocks? Would you rather live for 100 years under a rock or under the sea? Would you rather know the answer to these questions or ask your own?

Hellboy, Pet Sematary, Shazam, Megalo Box, and Penguin Highway all get reviews.

For the Grinders Free For All they address the important topic of abortion. New laws, contraception, religion, and teen pregnancy are all a part of the discussion. There may be some disagreement but not when it comes to a woman's ownership of HER body. 

The show may end on a heavy subject but the mood never sours. 

Don't masturbate in public.


RPGrinders EP 535 - It’s for the Bung!

In this episode of RPGrinders, the guys get through a fair amount of news considering the drought, then do their stinkos and sweetos as usual. There's also a hefty amount of would you rathers, ranging from extremes like getting the ability to know all human language, or to talk to animals. The other end is talk of bleach you bung. Yes, it really does get that crazy. Eric also has their review of Sekiro, which is giving him a hard time. Be sure to tune in live on Twitch or Youtube Fridays at 7PM EST!  


RPGrinders Special - Castlevania Retrospective #7

In this penultimate episode of the Castlevania retrospective, Eric is once again joined by Fanboymaster where we finally have reached the finishline in terms of what left of the Castlevania franchise. Icluding the game that never should have been, Castlevania Judgement. Also discussed are the various adaptations like the anime series on Netflix. This is for all intents and purposes, the final episode, but the actual final episode is less an episode and more a review of the Castlevania inspired series, Bloodstained. But seeing how it's not out yet, we will adjourn for 100 days, or so. But, remember... 



RPGrinders EP 534-Get Guuderestest

This episode we run through the news, Eric reviews Shazam!, Break discusses a sub-human scumbag posing as a real human, Frank reviews The Witness, and finally the crew discusses difficulty in video games such as Sekiro and The Witness.  Also Freak5 and DungeonBuster in chat just need to 'get gud'.  Thanks for listening and if you want to join us live we record every Friday 7EST on Twitch and Youtube, just search RPGrinders!  You can also help us by subscribing to the show everywhere and follow us on Twitter @RPGrinders.  Send us any question and we will feature you on the show!!


RPGrinders Special - Castlevania Retrospective #6

In this short episode of the ongoing, but soon to end retrospective series of Castlevania, the time that you have been waiting for is finally here. That's right, it's time for discussion of the Lords of Shadow games. And boy howdy is it a hoot. That's the summary. But please, stay tuned for what may be the final episode in the Castlevania retrospective series, the other games that don't fit into a nice box, plus cameos and adaptations! 


RPGrinders EP 533 - Marijuana vs Alcohol

The RPGrinders have so much to talk about that the normal 2 hours just isn't enough! Gaming news, reviews, stinkos, sweetos and so much more to talk about.

There aren't a lot of news stories but articles about the upcoming 8-bit action game Cyber Ninja and the shooter rpg hybrid Borderlands 3 give the Grinders plenty of verbal fodder. 

While the news is dominated by games, movies are the primary focus of reviews. Eric reviews the horror "classic" Urban Legend, he's joined by Frank for the review of the new horror classic US, and Break reviews the Motley Crew biography The Dirt. 

Stinkos get pretty foul with countries like Brunei enacting Shiria Law and Frank losing something to which he has grown rather fond. 

Baseball season may be boring to a lot of gamers but Break couldn't be more excited. Almost as excited as Eric is for the upcoming Hello Kitty vs Gundam movie or Frank's love for the great young director Jordan Peele. 

Despite being close to the normal end time Frank spends some time talking about a very serious issue, Criminal Justice Reform. Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi are just a couple of the political figures that are a part of this political conversation.

Although the last topic was heavy, the Grinders leave on a high note. Or whatever note the cowbell plays.

Break Underscore Man