RPGrinders EP 578 - #SadHarmonica

It's Valentine's Day and love is in the air. The RPGrinders celebrate the holiday the best way they know how, with a brand new episode! Packed with sweetos, stinkos, jrpg news, politics, cowbells, security cameras, and love.

A short news week gives the Grinders plenty of time to talk about the failures of Bioware and Anthem. As well as the upcoming release of Katana Kami, Nioh shipping 3 million units, and the LIPS dialogue system in Sakura Wars. 

Eric gives a spoiler free review of the new Sonic the Hedgehog movie, followed by Frank's review of Dead Lands.

Per the usual, the stinkos are dominated by the orange menace. The insanity cannot end soon enough and it cant sour Frank's mood. His sweeto goes to another Bernie Sanders victory.

For the free for all, the Grinders talk about superstition. How do they feel about superstition? Do they have their own? Why do people have superstitions? 

In the bedroom, does Lois Lane make Clark Kent role play as Batman?

The cape. The cowl. No pants.





RPGrinders EP 577- End of the World as We Know It.

In this 'depressing' episode the guys discuss some game delays, Break Man is once again relegated to not having any #DearBreakman questions (poor break man :( ), Eric Reviews Dark Souls 2, Frank rages at his bank, and finally the guys get salty about the orange cheetohs impeachment debacle.  A somber edition indeed.  Follow us on Twitter @RPGrinders and be sure to join us LIVE every Friday 7EST on Twitch

Thanks for listening!!


RPGrinders EP 576 - Pro-Birth Cultists

In this controversial episode of RPGrinders, the crew gets through the news like usual, and Frank and Eric both review Kingdom Hearts 3. The usual stinkos and sweetos happen, although they are tinged with the stinko of the Impeachment fiasco. But the show gets spicy when there is a guest caller and we discuss the idea of Christian Supremacy and how the Anti-Abortion movement is tied to it. Be sure to tune in live for more episode on Fridays at 7PM EST!


RPGrinders EP 575 - Resting Bitch Face In Space

Frank, Eric, and Break are back for another technologically impaired episode of RPGrinders. The video won't work, Twitch's audio glitches, and Break's computer issues are not enough to stop the show! 

Today's news is filled with release dates and windows. Ruin Factory 4 Special releases on February 28th in Europe and February 25th in North America, Only the Banner of the Maid releases on Valentine's Day, and Pika Pika Nurse Monogatari comes out in April. 

Frank and Eric give spoiler free reviews of Zombieland 2, season 2 of One Punch Man, and Toradora! Break reviews the Netflix series Unbelievable, detailing the hunt for a serial rapist and the trauma of the victims. 

Once again, Frank and Break spend several minutes complaining about the state of politics. The people elected to uphold the Constitution have a huge choice ahead of them: do they deny facts, truth, and the Constitution to protect one man or do they do the right thing and remove a blatant criminal before it gets worse?

For the Free For All, Frank wants to know "Can you be a fan of a game without playing it?". Tweet us at @RPGrinders and let us know what you think. 


Nancy Drew killed the Hardy Boys and she would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for those meddling kids! 


RPGrinders EP 574- Chewbaccagate

This episode the crew gets saucy!  After the news the guys have a few reviews.  Break reviews the live action Alladin, Eric and Frank review Joker (and totally have different views) and Frank reviews The Lighthouse.  Frank has a highscapade for the ages regarding Star Wars, Eric's Stinko tackles Project Red's horrid crunchtime, Break discusses stealing signs in baseball, and finally the guys discuss what annoying things in life they would get rid of.  This episode is a must listen!  Follow us on Twitter @RPGrinders and send us questions which will be read LIVE on air every Friday 7EST PM on twitch.tv/rpgrinders and youtube!  Support Eric's awesome written reviews here:https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4237202  Thanks for listening!


RPGrinders EP 573 - To B-Movie or Not to B-Movie

In this episoe of RPGrinders, the crew gets through a brief stint of news, then tackles their venerable stinkos and sweetos. Eric also has a review of Hollow Knight. Then the Free for All is all about what makes a B-Movie over a bad movie, and what some your favorite B-Movies are. Be sure to tune in live soon for some possible interviews in the future. Also give Break Man all your relationship questions to help you improve your love life. Also, The Gaint Space Invaders are coming for me. I better run.


RPGrinders EP 572 - Episode DLXXII

A long time ago by podcasters far, far away......


A New Episode

It is a period of exceptional podcasting. Grinders hosts, from the comforts of their homes, have a story about the fan made Mother 4 changing it's name to Oddity.

After the news, the Grinders hosts invited on a guest to talk about the games they've been playing, STAR WARS, and an evil president that is wagging the dog.

Pursuing the most concise review of Rise of Skywalker, in a Frank lead Free For All, the hosts do not hold back on spoilers and aren't afraid to let their opinions out....



RPGrinders EP 571- Weedachlorians

In the last episode of the decade Break Man gets sick and sits this one out.  Freak5 calls in as we discuss the Sweetos and Stinkos of the decade.  Eric reviews The Walking Dead Final Season and Control.  Also, the guys lightly discuss Star Wars: Rise of the the Skywalker.  Break Man will be back next week and we will discuss it further.  It's been a pretty good decade for RPGrinders heres hoping for another 10 more years!  Follow us on Twitter @RPGrinders and be sure to join us LIVE every Friday twitch.tv/RPGrinders or search RPGrinders on Youtube!  Thanks for listening!


RPGrinders EP 570 - Simply Having, A Wonderful RPGrinders Time

This special Christmas episode is packed with a fair bit of news, and then Eric has a review of Frozen II before we do our usual Stinkos and Sweetos. Then the Free for All is about bout our favorite Christmas songs and movies. Also, Paul McCartney was on something, or maybe he was sober when he wrote that awful song. Be sure to tune in live for the last episode of the decade on Twitch/Youtube! Unless you can't or something. 


RPGrinders EP 569 - Queefing the Night Away

As the end of 2019 draws near, it's time for the Grinders to choose their Games of the Year. RPGs, FPSs, and old school action games all make the list. 

News, news, and a ton more news stories take up a good portion of the show. Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered, Ys: Memories of Celceta, Hero Must Die, and La Mulana 1 & 2 get release windows, while Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance and Weird West get announced. 

Frank reviews Hustler and Once Upon a Time In Hollywood. Break wishes he never watched Christmas with the Kranks. 

Legends of Heroes Trails Cold Steel 3, Yakuza, and Kingdom Hearts 3 are only a few of the Grinders favorite games of 2019. This year was good, I hope next year is even better.

Happy Holidays and Yippee Ki Yay Mother Fucker!