RPGinders EP 617 - Frank’s Brand New Sex Toy

On this Friday the 13th episode of RPGrinders, the wait is finally over for Frank and Eric. They both got their own Playstation 5s! Was it worth the wait? Is it everything they had hoped or will they be selling on E-Bay by the end of the night?


This week's news features some upcoming releases with release dates. The action shooter RPG Poison Control get an April 2021 release. The second DLC pack for Dragon Ball Kakarot is coming out on the 17th of this month. Mass Effect Legendary gets a vague release window of Spring 2021. And Shiren the Wanderer is getting a physical release on the Switch.


Besides the Playstation 5, Eric and Frank have some reviews. Frank reviews the Playstation 5  game Astro's Play Room while Eric has a lot to say about Ori and the Will of the Wisps.


It wouldn't be RPGrinders without Stinkos, and this episode has several. Break is mad about the American Injustice system and the deaths of celebrities. Just like anyone with at least the most basic level of intelligence, Frank is pissed at FoxNews. And Eric is disappointed in the Japanese entertainment producer Aniplex.


This months bracket is one week closer to determining the Greatest Scary TV Show of All Time! We are down to 32 but only 16 can continue. Will American Horror Story fend off the Belmont Clan of Castlevania? Can the Buffy slay Tales from the Dark Side? Are the Deadites scarier than vampires? Is Eleven strong enough to fight off horny teenage werewolves?  


The tears of MAGA brings a smile to my face. 


RPGrinders EP 616- Elegy for a Cheetoh

This episode Eric makes a triumphant return!  After the news, the guys dig in to reviews of New Super Mario Bros U DX, Goblin Slayer, and oddly the dual sense PS5 charger.  The guys then discuss Donald Trump's firing by the American people and the ramifications of the cheetoh's rhetoric, Joe Biden's non platform and what that means going forward, a prominent Japanese voice actor catches Covid, how main stream media sucks, and finally we unveil our latest monthly tournament!  This month we start the journey of picking the greatest horror TV series of all time!!!   Join us LIVE every Friday 7EST twitch.tv/rpgrinders in the chat!  Follow us on Twitter @RPGrinders and be sure to send us comments and questions and we will shout you out on the show!!!!  Thanks for listening!


RPGrinders EP 615 - MIA

In this episode of RPGrinders, Eric is on assignment(get that rest!), as Frank and Break have to carry the show. After the usual news, sweetos and stinkos, the guys talk about the favorite types of Horror Games. Don't worry, Eric will be giving their thoughts on this next time! Funniest horror games and movies are discussed, as well as underrated ones. Next week, the next tourney is set, so stay tuned! Be sure to check out the show live on Fridays at 7PM EST on Twitch/Youtube!


RPGinders EP 614 - The Greatest Horror Movie of All Time

On this episode of RPGrinders, the Grinders finally determine the Greatest Horror Movie of All Time. Besides the fictional horror, Frank and Break also have scary news. While Eric laments the passing of a magical legend. 


It wouldn't be RPGrinders without some good old JRPG news. For the first time, North America is getting a release of the original 8-bit Fire Emblem. The Switch version of Outer Worlds gets several new updates. Da Capo 4 Fortunate Departures is coming in early 2021. And even though it's not an RPG, R-Type Final 2 is being published in America by NIS. 


The RPGrinders don't always talk about gaming but they always find some reason to complain. 2020 has had no shortage of Stinkoes but none more serious than the deadly COVID-19 virus and America's abysmal response. COVID isn't the only thing keeping Frank indoors as the state of Colorado is besieged by a massive wildfire.  And Eric has more sad news with the passing of a legendary magician, James Randi.


With so many Stinkoes, it's always good to have hope. Frank and Colorado may be getting the help they need in the form of a snow storm. While not as personal of a Sweeto, Break celebrates the arrest of a domestic terrorist group that was trying to frame Antifa and incite violence between police and protestors.


There can be only one and tonight the Grinders whittle down 8 contestants to finally determine the Greatest Horror Movie of All Time! These movies are so good it was almost impossible to choose. Is Halloween scarier than Scream? Is a massacre in Texas more frightening that the Spanish horror film REC? Is Freddy more evil than the Evil Dead? Can The Thing beat a Kubrick masterpiece? And these are all just the first round!

Without further ado, the Greatest Horror Movie of All Time is:

















Yea right! Like I was going to tell. You'll just have to listen










Why did you scroll down so far?


RPGrinders EP 613- Harmy the Harmonica?

This episode brings us a deluge of news, mostly delays.  The crew talks Twitter censorship, Democrats being democrats, Trump being Trump, and finally we make our way to the final 8 of the Greatest Horror movies of all time in our tournament!  Follow us on Twitter @RPGrinders and send us your questions!  Join us LIVE every Friday 7 EST here: Twitch.tv/RPGrinders Thanks for listening!


RPGrinders EP 612 - Trick R’ Treat Sucks

In this ep[isode of RPGrinders the crew gets through some light news, followed by the usual stinkos and sweetos. Break has a review of Super Mario Galaxy 2(where's my Switch port?). Personally, I think it's the better of the two Galaxies, but Break is less keen on it. Afterwards, we dive into the Free for All, with round 2 of the best horror movie of all time. Will Texas Chainsaw Massacre survive? Find out! Also, be sure to check out the show live on Fridays at 7PM EST, on Twitch/Youtube! 


RPGinders EP 611 - Nothing is Good Enough for Frank

On this episode of RPGrinders, a new month brings a new tournament. Since it is October, it's time for Halloween and scares. Frank pits the 64 greatest horror movies against each other, in a life or death struggle to finally determine what is the Greatest Horror Movie ever made! However, they cannot get to the tournament before doing the rest of a packed show.

As usual, the Grinders start with the news. Ocean S Heart has been announced for the PC, the best named game Yakuza: Like A Dragon gets solid release dates, a new tactics based Dragon Quest is coming to mobile, and Gal Gun Returns will be searching for panties on the Xbox One, Switch, and PC.

As always, the Grinders have plenty of reasons to complain. As far as Break is concerned, The Orange Idiot and Traitor is always a Stinko. This time he threatened voters, supported terrorists, and caught COVID-19. The Grinders do not wish death on anyone but that doesn't mean we have to have sympathy for someone that has none. 

Break has a great Sweeto. He gives out the Friend Code to his brand new Switch Lite. He likes it so much, no one would be surprised if he spooned with it at night. Frank is also proven right, as Trump's tax forms were leaked and confirm what Frank already knew.

Now it's time for Round 1 of the 64 Greatest Horror Movies of All Time Tournament Bracket. Will the Quiet Place vanquish Amityville Horror, is the Ring scarier than Evil Dead 2, can the Blair Witch Project defeat Friday the 13th, can Silence of the Lambs survive the original torture porn movie Saw? Let us know what you think as these movies and many more compete to be declared the best.


In Kevin Bacon's name I pray. Amen.






RPGrinders 610 supplement - Tiny Bookshelf Interview

I did an interview with @EricVbailey of TinyBookshelf on their upcoming indie game, Octobug. I wanted to include this in the episode, but there wasn't any time for it. So now you can listen to it here!


RPGrinders EP610- Dragon Shit Artist

This episode the guys run through a few news stories, Frank reviews the Oscar winning movie Rottentail, BreakMan guides us through a rough lesson in fascism in regards to the cheetoh in chief, Eric kicks off our final 8 Greatest Nintento games of all time tournament with a surprise pick and finally this weeks Stinko's and Sweeto's are definitely not to miss!  Follow us on Twitter @RPGrinders and be sure to ask us anything and also give us suggestions for the greatest horror movie of all time tournament! Getting ready for Halloween yall!  Thanks for listening and if you can please follow us on Twitch! Twitch.tv/RPGrinders


RPGrinders EP 609 - Against the Skype

In this mad buggy episode of RPGrinders, despite the difficulty of with audio, and a view time outs, the crew gets through it all. There's the usual news, and the stinkos and sweetos. Highlights are Final Fantasy 16 and how Sony screwed up PS5 pre-order announcements and dates. Then we finally move on to the third round of the tourney for the best NES game of all time! Be sure to tune in live on Fridays at 7PM EST on Twitch/Youtube! 

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