RPGrinders EP 484- Is That a Flagpole in Your Bum or Are You Just Happy 2 see Me?

This episode starts with some cool rpg/jrpg/game news, Eric reviews A Quiet Place and Pacific Rim Uprising, Break laments new Ohio cigarette laws, the guys discuss trade wars with China, and last and most certainly least extra curricular activities on a golf course!  Follow us on Twitter @RPGrinders and catch the show live every Friday 7EST on Twitch or Youtube!  Consider helping Eric with his patreon here:  https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4237202 .   Thanks so much for listening!!!!!!!


RPGrinders EP 483 - Ready Player Belch

In this brisk episode of RPGrinders, the crew talks about a small amount of news, with the most important fact that Dragon Quest XI finally has a Western release date. But afterwards, the guys do thier stinkos and Sweetos. Elon Musk is Garbage, Round1 opens up near Eric's neck of the woods, and there's a review of Ready Player One, and the results might surprise you! Be sure to enjoy the show live on Fridays at 7PM EST on Twitch!


RPGrinders EP 482 - When Winter Cries

Frank, Eric, and Break welcome in Spring with a brand new episode!

Not a lot of news but the Grinders cover games like Zone of the Enders 2nd Runner Mars, Yakuza Kiwama 2, and Psychedelica Black Butterfly.

Eric reviews Batman and Harley Quin, and more, while Frank reviews Wolfenstein 2 and Shadow of the Colossus.

Gaming news and Winter blues (only for Break_Man).


RPGrinders EP 481- The Bog of Eternal Stench

This week is loaded with more fantastic rpg and non rpg news, Break leads us into March Madness, Eric has reviews of Tomb Raider and Happy Death Day (in theaters), Frank has reviews of Super Dark Times and Too Late (netflix).  Also Break Man steals a baby, boner faces, and bogs of eternal (literal) stench!  Follow us on Twitter @RPGrinders  This week we are looking for your favorite non violent or cartoony violent games to refresh from some of the more realistic violent games, we call them 'pallet cleansers' (Send those to our twitter @RPGrinders and we will be sure to mention them on the show!)  Catch the show live 7EST every Friday on either Twitch.tv (search RPGrinders) or Youtube (search RPGrinders) join the chat!  Thanks for listening!


RPGrinders EP 480 - The Orange Peel

Frank and Eric don't have to work so hard because they are finally rejoined by Break. After a nice relaxing trip to Florida he is back in his home state of Ohio and back to his regular hosting duties.

Not a long episode but we maximize our time with lots of content. This episode is stuffed with news, reviews, politics, and the Nintendo direct!

RIP Miss Kitty & Toys R Us


RPGrinders EP 478 - Incredible Edible Reactions

In this episode of RPGrinders, the guys do without Break, as he is on a much needed two week vacation. They manage to get through the news just fine without him, despite frank's cold. After the usual sweetos and stinkos, there is discussion about the insane actions being pulled by the NRA and the Idiot Shill in Chief. We also give our condolances to a friend who lost famuily recently. The show is a bit shorter than usual, but at least we see Mayor Young emerge to greet us! Be sure to watch the sghow live on Fridays at 7PM EST on Twitch or Youtube!


RPGrinders EP 473 - Government Grinder Shutdown

In this Buddy Podcaster episode of RPGrinders, Frank and Eric go it without Break, while they get through the news. Then there is talk about why a company having money is not a good indicator of their financial health. As is why an individual having a lot of money is also wasteful. But afterwards, there are reviews for The Shape of Water, The Disaster Artist, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, and Bright. Be sure to check out the live show on Twitch and Youtube at 7 PM EST! Also, if you like Eric's written game reviews, be sure to support them at Patreon if you can! 



RPGrinders EP 472- Popcorn Potty

This episode Eric is on an audio rampage (just like the video game), Break Man laments his NFL Bengals questionable decisions on and off the field, Frank puts everybody in the Lord of the Rings Unviverse (bet you cant guess which character everybody ends up to be, and finally, after some usual RPG news the guys talk about movie nights and Star Wars fan hate.  Oh and also He-Man reboot/movie coming?  All this and more on an epic edition of the worlds longest running podcast about RPG's and skeptical topics!!!  If you enjoy our show please consider donating to Eric's patreon page here: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4237202 (he works super hard for the show and his written reviews for no money and the show propers go funde me here: https://www.gofundme.com/sqb6bw-save-rpgrinders   all proceeds for the show go to maintaining the show.  Much appreciated in advance!   


RPGrinders EP 471 - If it’s Brown, Flush it Down

A New Year means a new season of the same ol` Grinders!

Frank and Eric handle the news because Break is MIA, again. Break does manage to show up in time to talk about what he has been playing. The same things he is always playing. Although Break's gaming week may disappoint, Eric and Frank have played enough to pick up the slack. South Park, Mad Max and many more games get discussed.

A lot of Stinkos, involving everything from sports to entitled YouTubers.

Now that Frank has had a few weeks of this generation of gaming, he explains why he has avoided multiplayer gaming. That prompted a discussion on how everyone feels about multiplayer. Frank, Eric, and the chatters all prefer a wonderful single player experience and give good reasons why. Break mostly agrees, however he seems to get some sick pleasure from killing other gamers.

Thanks to DB, Freak, and Weiland.

Also, fuck Jeff Sessions.



RPGrinders EP 470 - Unpaid Spokesperson

In this episode of RPGrinders the guys get through some news, and Frank mentions all those(now dead) sweet deals he found on Xbox.com Games with Gold. After that, there's some talk about how shitty this year's mostly been, but not without mentioning the good things(Break is now the proud owner of an SNES Classic!). It's the last episode of 2017. And hopefully we will have a much better 2018 to look forward to. Be sure to check out our show live on Twitch, Youtube, and Restream.io at 7PM EST on Fridays!