RPGrinders EP 608 - Caveman Law

This episode of RPGrinders, is so jam packed we could barely fit it all into a two hour podcast. Tons of news, Stinkos, and the Greatest NES Game bracket challenge. Also in the episode, Break answers a great new #DearBreakMan question and the Grinders discuss the absurdity of Gender Reveal Parties. 

This episode has a lengthy news section that includes: Immortals Fenyx Rising is coming to consoles and steam in December, a new Pocky & Rocky game is coming in 2021, Code of Princess EX is coming to steam in October, and Disgaea 4 Complete+ is out now on steam and Xbox!

It wouldn't be RPGrinders without Stinkos and there are plenty of reasons to complain. As usual, the Orange Boy plays a big part in pissing off Break. Orange Boy even indirectly pisses off Frank. While Eric is stuck dealing with the death of his router port. 

The Greatest NES Game of All Time bracket is starting to get tighter. The Grinders have to choose which 16 games move on to the next round. Can Super Mario Bros 3 beat Mega Man? Is Castlevania better than Contra? Will Mike Tyson's Punch Out get knocked out? 

Please let us know what you think. Just tweet us @RPGrinders


Is there a such thing as a Fartriloquist?






RPGrinders EP 607- The Great NES Game Debate!

This week we went light with gaming news but we did review Bill and Ted Face the Music as well as Kobra Kai seasons 1 and 2!  NBA players came under scrutiny, Trump still sucks, and all 3 video game makers prove they dont deserve our money once again.  Our NES game tournament kicks off in a fun upset minded field!  Were there any major upsets in the first round?  Find out in our first round of 64 NES games to determine the greatest NES game of all time!  Follow us on Twitter @RPGrinders and be sure to check us out LIVE every Friday Twitch.TV/RPGrinders Join the discussion in chat!


RPGrinders EP 606 -The King of the 64 Hill

In this finale filled episode of the Greatest N64 game of all time of RPGrinders, the crew finally make thier decision! But before that, there a hefty amount of news to get through, as well as the usual sweetos and stinkos. Then Eric has a review of Dandara, and the highlights are how terrible Rand Paul is. Be sure to tune in live at 7PM EST on Twitch/Youtube!  


RPGrinders EP 605 - Mature Audiences

On this episode of RPGrinders, we come one round closer to determining the Greatest N64 Game of All Time! 16 teams are left but only 8 can survive! Before getting to the tournament, we still have news, reviews, Stinkos, and more!

It wouldn't be RPGrinders if we didn't start with the news most relevant to JRPGs. News like: The announcement of Black Myth: Wu Kong, yet another take on Journey to the West. Baldur's Gate 3 getting early access on Steam and Stadia, Sept 30th. And Tears of Avia releasing on Sept 24th. 

This episode's reviews feature Eric's impression of the game Catherine Full Body, while Frank reviews the anime Cells At Work, and the movies Open 24 Hours and Random Acts of Violence. 

Politics is prevalent in the Stinkos, as usual, but Break seems to be more upset by the actions of one sports broadcaster. The bigoted broadcaster shocked long time listeners, embarrassed his team, and saddened the city. Break loves Cincinnati and he refuses to allow such hatred to spread.

It's your life. As long as you aren't hurting others or destroying the world around you, NO ONE else should ever dictate how you live your personal life. 

With only two weeks left, the battle continues! Will Goldeneye beat Ocarina of Time? Can WWF No Mercy survive? Is Mario 64 going to make it the next round? Is Tony Hawk 2 worthy? Is Beetle Adventure Racing more fun than Mario Party 3?

Never wipe your ass with your own grass. 







RPGrinders EP 604 - Sharktapussy

Please excuse the audio issues this week we did the best we could!  This ep we talk some great rpg news, Eric reviews the Blasphemous DLC and Streets of Rage 4, Break has some choice words for Trump and an incompetent Congress, Frank finally beats Dragon Quest 11, and finally the crew widdle down 32 N64 games down to sixteen in our monthly tournament to determine the greatest N64 game of all time!  Join us LIVE every Friday 7eST on Twitch.TV/RPGrinders or search RPGrinders on Youtube.  Follow us on Twitter @RPGrinders, thanks for listening! 


RPGrinders EP 603 - Super N64 Bros.

In this episode of RPGrinders, the crew has another tourney to decide the best N64 game of all time, with Round 1 to start things off. But before all that, there's the usual news, stinkos, and sweetos. Highlights are a possible Disgaea 6 tease, Cuphead coming to PS4, and One Piece outselling the Holy Bible. Eric also has reviews of Paper Mario: The Origami King and Scoob! Be sure to tune in live to find out how the brackets will fall in the upcoming rounds! Live on Fridays on Twitch and Youtube at 7PM EST!


RPGrinders EP 602 - Ghost Bangers

On this episode of RPGrinders, the guys discover the meaning of an anti-rpg. Break teaches the world about Ghosting and Frank surprises everyone with two big announcements.


The popularity of the cartoon bracket has inspired him to make it a monthly even. Start the month with 64 players then determine a winner at the end of the month. Starting on August 7th, the Grinders will determine the greatest N64 game of all time. Tweet @RPGrinders your favorite N64 games.


Frank's other big announcement is the return of Grinder Dance Party. Twice a month on Saturdays at 7 PM Eastern. He'll be bringing the FUNK starting on August 1st! Tweet @FrankBranches for the link. 


Other than the big announcements, it's business as usual, or as usual as it gets for RPGrinders. The news and topics include: An anti-rpg, a bumbling Biden, the Gaslighter and Chief, bad news for a child rapist, advice about Ghosting, and even tarot card reading.


Stay safe. Always practice Western Ghost Grip.




RPGrinders EP 601- Demo Demolisher

This episode Break plays a ton of Demos, Eric reviews School Prison, Frank reviews Glitch Season 2&3 and Kingdom Season 1, and the guys discuss a possible G4 comeback!  Frank gives a surprising sweeto, the guys discuss a very risque #DearBreakman question, and finally chat gets EXILED!  All this and plenty more on a very lively RPGrinders!  Follow us on Twitter @RPGrinders and be sure to send your questions and comments to be featured on the show!  Thanks for listening!


RPGrinders EP 600 - The Great Cartoon Showdown 2020

In this milestone of an episode, the crew goes through some light news so they can quickly get to their sweetos and stinkos. Frank reviews Glitch season 1 and Becky. The rest of the show is dedicated to the tourney to determine which cartoon is the greatest ever in the eyes of RPGrinders. Prepared for another underdog show to win? Found out right now! Also, be sure to listen live on Fridays at 7PM EST on Twitch/Youtube!


RPGrinders EP 599 - Chance to Win a Free Game on Episode 600

This is the last episode of RPGrinders before hitting the huge milestone of 600 episodes! This isn't the pen ultimate episode because next week isn't the end. With 599 episodes complete, the RPGrinders are still going strong with no signs of stopping!

This episode includes news about the upcoming release of Ys Origins for the Switch, Vagrus: the Riven Realms coming to Steam and GOG on July 22nd, Dragon Marked For Death coming to the Playstation Network, and Monster Rancher 2 being ported to the Switch and mobile platforms later this year.

Frank reviews the horror movies Beach House and Rattlesnake. He also reviews Disney Plus' latest release, the musical Hamilton. 

As usual, there are plenty of Stinkos. The spread of COVID-19 continues to be a hot topic, as well the lack of separation of church and state. It's not all bad though because Frank's car and the SCOTUS might be Stinkos but they are also Sweetos! You'll have to listen to find out why.

Before ending another fun episode, the Grinders spend time preparing for episode 600. That episode will feature a 64 bracket style tournament to determine what is the greatest cartoon series of all time! Let us know your favorite cartoons.

Never bury the lead. 




There will be a contest for a free game for chatters as well as a gift card for listeners!


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