RPGrinders Special - Contra Retrospective #2

In this entry to the much smaller Contra Retrospective, Eric and FanboyMaster talk about the two Hard Corps games, as well as the dreaded PS1 entries. Prepare for a world of hurt, as we dive in the dark ages of the Contra franchise, as the PS1 era heralded in the downward spiral for the franchise. Next time, come back for the remaining entries to date, where some light of hope manages to shine through the darkness.


RPGrinders EP 553 - The Great Taito Square-Enix Takeover

We know who is really in charge! In this fun episode of RPGrinders, the crew gets through some news, which consists of dated and long-awaited sequela to popular franchises, and port dates. Afterwards, Eric has reviews for Millennium Actress And Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling. There is more of the usual stinkos leaking from this administration, and Frank gets a new computer!. Please send poor Breakman some questions for Dear Breakman! Be sure to listen live on Fridays at 7PM EST on Twitch or Youtube! 


RPGrinders EP 552- Knotfesting

This episode the guys talk RPG release dates in the news, Frank is breaking controllers playing Bloodborne, Break talks mass shootings in his stinko, Eric talks about a manchild who threatened square enix, and finally the Grinders have a nuanced discussion about how to stop mass shootings.  Lots of common sense ideas and maybe a couple of new ideas you haven't heard yet.  Join the discussion here: @RPGrinders and send us your thoughts on anything discussed!  Join us live every Friday 7EST on Twitch.tv/rpgrinders and also Youtube.com/rpgrinders.  Also, please support Eric's written reviews here: please click this, its Erics patreon! Thanks for listening!


RPGrinders Special - Contra Retrospective #1

EricRPG is back with another retrospective series, and this time it's Contra! In the light of the release of blazing Chrome and the upcoming Rogue Corps, EricRPG and FanboyMaster101 go over the series of games that are leading to this moment. In this episode, the original arcade game, it's ports, the MSX release, Operation C, and Contra III: The Alien Wars are covered. But so is Contra Force, the least favored one among the first releases. Next time, be sure to tune in for coverage of the Hard Corp games, as well as the maligned PS1 games from Appaloosa, Legacy of War and C: The Contra Adventure!


RPGrinders EP 551 - To Crawl Or Not To Krull

In this episode of RPGrinders, the guys discuss everything from Pirates to Presidents. They even spend some time talking about the Titty Dungeons.

Sony will soon stop repairing PSP-3000's, Outer Worlds is coming to the Switch, and Minoria getting a release date are just some of the many news articles.

Eric gets the honor of doing this episode's only review, the hurricane horror movie Crawl. While Break would prefer they reviewed the fantasy classic, Krull. 

There are some Stinkos outside the world of politics but the Racist and Chief is the primary focus. It's hard to not focus on a man that incites so much violence and hate. How many more videos do we have to see of his supporters attacking non-violent protesters? Between the fear mongering and the death penalty, when will the hatred end?

Returning to happier subjects, Frank gets an awesome Sweeto. The ultimate metal head scored himself tickets to Knotfest 2019. 

Frank's Sweeto leads into the discussion of favorite music genres. The Grinders spend a lot of time talking about some of their favorites, like Jazz, Metal and Classic Rock. The Rolling Stones and Metallica are just a couple of the many bands mentioned. 

Let us know what bands and music genres you like. Just send a tweet to @RPGrinders and let us know what great music we skipped. As well as your #DearBreakMan questions. No question goes unanswered because we will not fail humanity! 

Morals? Where we're going, we don't need morals.



RPGrinders EP 550 - Loving that CooCooSqueaky

In this episode of RPGrinders, the crew talks some new despite the relative slowness of the season setting in before the storm in a month from now. Afterwards, the usual Dear Breakman column gets more questions answered from the Sagely one themselves. Then there is talk of politicians and the looming return of capital punishment. Eric also reviews Is it Wrong to try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, and the spinoff series and film. Frank reviews B-movie Lavalantula. All in all, a solid episode of nonsense. Be sure to check out the show live on Fridays at 7PM EST on Twitch and Youtube!


RPGrinders Special - Castlevania Retrospective #8

The final Castlevania Retrospective is here. In this episode, Eric and Fanboymaster discuss the rest of the games in the Others category, which include the arcade motion controller game, and two fan games. Afterwards, there's talk of Bloodstained Curse of the Moon and Ritual of the Night, as well as other games inspired by latter-day Castlevania. Stay tuned for the forthcoming Contra retrospective!


RPGrinders EP 549- You Might Be a Bigot If

In this jam packed episode the guys discuss Elon Musk's crazy brain hookups, Eric reviews Toy Story 4 and Salt and Sanctuary, Break has fun with twitter trolls and trolling himself, Frank and Break talk Trump's blatant racism (and his supporters racism), Frank explains how Bernie Sanders schools the Washington Post, Mrs. Breakman makes a surprise appearance to ask us about the difference between spirituality and religion, and finally we discuss our least favorite cartoons!!  Please follow us on Twitter @RPGrinders and if you have an extra buck or two consider donating to Eric's written review Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4237202

Thanks for listening!


RPGrinders EP 548 - G Rated

The RPGrinders attempt the impossible. Frank, Eric, and Break do an all ages appropriate show. They try to do a show without cussing and with less adult topics. Do they fail or do they triumph? You be the judge!

This jam packed episode is filled with news, reviews, Stinkos, Sweetos, cartoons, advice, and cowbell!

Ciel Fledge, Haven, the TruboGrafx - 16 mini, Songs of the Deep, Little Nightmares, midsommar, Child's Play, and Senran Kagura: Peach Ball are just some of the reviewed/played games and movies.

Dear BreakMan skips the usual topics for some that are more family friendly. Slightly less offensive but still saving the world one tweet at a time. 

The Stinkos and Sweetos deal with some hefty issues but it's important that topics such as rape and Epstein are discussed. 

To end the show on a much higher note, the Grinders list off some of their favorite cartoons! There are too many great cartoons to mention and not enough time. 

Let us know what you think or ask us for advice. Just send a tweet to @RPGrinders and it will get answered on the next live episode!

Cartoons, cussing, and cow bell. 


RPGrinders EP 547 - Sticky White Stuff

In this episode of RPGrinders, the crew gets through a short news segment, before tackling the big issues of the day. One of those issues is Freak recanting his story of a semen filled caper. The Mad Pooper must have a cousin or something. Afterwards, Eric has reviews of Spider-Man: Far from Home and The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Zero, while Frank reviews Unravel. Be Sure to tune in live on Twitch/Youtube at 7PM on Fridays for more ridiculousness!