RPGrinders EP 598- The One Where Break underscores Man

This week a new listener sends in a provocative question to Break Man (totally wasn't Break Man who sent in the question), Eric reviews Ben To and Fairy Tale, Frank reviews Big Mouth Season 3 and Tiger King, Break reviews the new Unsolved Mysteries and gets us revved up for fourth of July shenanigans, and finally the guys discuss the price of video games for the next gen consoles! Stay safe, wash your hands, don't touch your face, and whatever you do DON'T FEED THEM AFTER MIDNIGHT!  Follow us on Twitter @RPGrinders 


RPGrinders EP 597 - Everyone Gets Exiled!

It's that special time of year for RPGrinders, since it's Frank Day, and that of course means Exiles! After some news and the usual stinkos and sweetos though. Although it seems Break still has Skype issues to deal with, the crew can get through it just fine. Highlights include discussion of Trump going after the ACA again, Primaries, COVID spikes, and more police brutality. Frank also has a review of Lock and Key season 1 and Castlevania season 3. Be sure to tune in live on Fridays at 7 PM EST on Twitch/Youtube! 


RPGrinders EP 596 - That New Laptop Smell

On this extra stuffed episode, the Grinders discuss Brazilian developers, baseball nonsense, and murder. Not to mention, tons of news, a couple of reviews from Eric, and Frank going to war against the Confederacy. Don't worry about Frank because Confederates always wave the white flag in defeat.

A lot of news including a vague release date for Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memories, the pc release of Little Town Hero, the delay of Cyberpunk 2077, and the console release of some Toaplan shmups.

Eric enjoyed the Definitive Editions of Ori and the Blind Forest as well as Xenoblade but Frank can't hide his displeasure with Velocipastor.

For the final show segment, Frank points out the absurdity of praising the treasonous Confederacy. Net to end on such a sour note, the Grinders also talk about some of features of the upcoming Xbox Series X.

The RPGrinders stand with America, not treason! 


RPGrinders EP 595- The Mo You Know

This episode we have a steady flow of RPG news, the guys talk phrases that are rooted in racism, virtue signaling, and other lively and "fun" stuff.  Erik and Frank review lots of stuff, Break gets a new throne/captains chair, and finally Frank gets peed on! (wait, did i say that out loud?).  Also, Break has four computers.....none of them work for RPGrinders.  I think its time for a second job? ;)   Thanks for listening!  Follow us on Twitter @RPGrinders and join us live every Friday 7EST Twitch.tv/RPGrinders 


RPGrinders EP 594 - Frank’s Funko Bunker

The crew does a tiny bit of news before moving on to their stinkos and sweets. Among them, they talk more about the protests and the police brutality continuing to escalate against peaceful protesters, and how our 'President' continues to be a fascist. Afterwards there are some movie reviews from Frank, and we discuss the toll of mental health game developers take in their insanely impossible pursuit of making games more realistically violent. There's also talk about the absurdity of curfews.  Eric also announces his departure from VOGNetwork.com. Be sure to check out the show live on Twitch and Youtube Fridays at 7PM EST!


RPGrinders EP 593 - 1 Puff 4 Sure

On this episode of RPGrinders, the issue of police violence and the murder of George Floyd are addressed. Although time is made for the normal show segments, the issue of how the police treat minorities is important enough to be this episodes main focus. The Grinders even invite their good friend @freak5chaos to join in on the discussion. 

Frank has a lot to say about the police, racism, murder, civil unrest, and years of oppression. He has never hid his feelings about police. He also wants to know how others feel. If you want to defend the police or agree with Frank, just tweet @RPGrinders and let us know.

Even though the topic at hand is of the most importance, the Grinders still have to put on a show. A lot of gaming news stories, including the upcoming Dragon Quest: Adventure of Dai. Adventure of Dai is coming to consoles, phones, arcades, and it's even getting a TV show.  

Fuck the police. 


RPGrinders EP 592- Happy Break Man Day!

In this episode Break Man stealths his way to a happy birthday wish in our Sweeto segment (Happy Break Man day!) . We celebrate the only way we can, by bashing Break every chance we get!  We have an unusual amount of news this week, Eric reviews Trials of Mana, Frank has a 'Highscapade' that is "Too Low", and finally Break Man is finally old enough to drink! (times 10).  Everybody wish Break a happy birthday on Twitter @Break_Man  Follow the show @RPGrinders and tell us what the sickest youve ever been, we will shout you out on the next show!  Join us LIVE every Friday 7EST on Twitch.tv/RPGrinders and on Youtube!


RPGrinders EP 591 - Blahdemic

In this episode of RPGrinders, there is only a small bit of news to get through, although we are continuing to look for deals on console online subscriptions. The crew then does their usual weekly plays, and Eric has a bevy of anime reviews of The Wonderland,  Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online, Hi-Score Girl, Irregular at Magic High School season 1 and it's first movie. Frank has a review of Antrum. Afterwards, we get stinkos and sweetos, with the highlights being Trumps 'Obamagate' and thoughts on the gameplay showcase of Ghosts of Tsushima. Are there multiple ways of pronouncing this game, and are we all assholes? Also, Frank has something called the Symphony of Destruction that you don't want to miss! Be sure to catch stuff like this live on Twitch and Youtube on Fridays at 7PM EST! 


RPGrinders EP 590 - Butt Hurt Break

On this episode of RPGrinders, Frank and Eric are almost forced to do the show alone because Break takes things way too seriously. Hurt feelings don't last long and they don't stop the show!

Lately we have had a lot of game delays but this episode's news is all good. Bandai Namco announces Scarlet Nexus for the current and next gen, while Children of Morta gets a new update, and Korean action RPG Bellatia is available now! 

Frank has had a busy week and has a lot of reviews as proof. He has an overall positive attitude for the Purge movies and the series Attack on Titan. Lest we forget this is a gaming podcast, Frank also reviews Call of Duty Modern Warfare remastered.

As usual, the Stinkos take a very serious turn. Racial inequality, broken friendships, the injustice system, and even murder. Luckily, there are always some Sweetos to help us get through.

For the final segment, Frank asks "Are RPGs too long?" It's safe to say that the Grinders are fine with longer games. What do you think? Just tweet us @RPGrinders 

Twitch vs YouTube vs Microsoft vs Sony.....FIGHT!!!



RPGrinders EP 589- Protesting With Gunz

This episode things get a bit heated with discussions of UFO's and protesters storming the Michigan capitol with guns.  Before that though, the Grinders talk news, Eric reviews "Rascal does not dream of a dreaming girl" in a spirited analyzation, Frank bitches about idiots who throw cigarette butts out their car window and the affect they can have on the homeless and the environment, and also Sonic the Movie and Mortal Kombat: Scorpions Revenge get Franks review treatment!  Join us LIVE every Friday 7EST Twitch.tv/RPGrinders or search YouTube for RPGrinders and be sure to follow us on Twitter @RPGrinders!  You can support the show bigtime by subscribing on Twitch and YouTube.  Thanks so much for listening!