RPGrinders EP 716- Black Friday

We scratch, punch, and pull hair on our way to the front of the line in this episode!  Break once again has a couple of mass shootings to report, Eric reminds everyone to check the podbean rpgrinders feed for his awesome audio reviews, and Frank wants to remind everybody that both Democrat and Republican politicians suck and its time for more parties. Be sure to join us LIVE on http://twitch.tv/RPGrinders every Friday 7EST and join the chat!  Thanks for listening!


RPGrinders EP 715 - Turkey and Turds

The Holiday Season is almost upon us. By this time, next week, our stomachs will be bloated with Thanksgiving turkey. Our wallets will be empty from Black Friday shopping. And our ears will bleed from hearing Jiggle Bells for the ten millionth time.

There are a lot of good news article. None quite as tasty as a perfectly cooked turkey but some are just as juicy. It does get much tastier than the announcement that Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is getting free updates to the current generation of consoles. We also learned the release dates of Superfuse and Sword of the Vagrant.

With Black Friday only a week away, Frank has a special present for the listeners. He combed all the major ads to find the best gaming deals. With Frank's deals you won't just have leftover food but also leftover money!

With the shopping over with and the main meal consumed, it's time to chill. Sit down on the couch. Relax and wait for pie. While you wait, you can check out some of the shows and movies reviewed today. Are adult comic book shows, like Titans and Creepshow, worth watching? Was the highly anticipated One Piece Red worth the wait? If you are looking for a good scare, will Shark bait or Smile give you the thrills you desire? 

The one thing that should never be a part of Thanksgiving dinner is the vile green bean casserole.  Green bean casserole is the Stinko of Thanksgiving dinner. Like the democracy hating Ohio Republicans are the Stinko of Ohio. And the racist governor Youngkin is the Stinko of Virginia.

The only thing sweeter than the cranberry sauce is the news that Nancy Pelosi will be stepping down. That isn't even the best of our Sweetos as Frank is making movie progress and Break's best friend got great news from the doctor.

What's the best side? Is it mashed potatoes in gravy? Is it corn, or rolls? No matter which side you choose, they are all more enjoyable than the Worst Arcade Game Ever Made! Today is the day we finally determine which game is more terrible than the smells coming from the bathroom, the day after Thanksgiving. Will the bastard game of the storied Mortal Kombat series Finish the competition? Is the original Street Fighter as bad as Break says? Is Mil really Pac-Man's Pal? Is Vulgus as vulgar as Frank says? Is Art of Fighting the lamest fighting game ever made? Is Double Dragon 3 the turd that Eric says? Is Toobin's stupid control as stupid as the game play? Or is Time Traveler the misogynistic, racial stereo typed, poorly acted, overpriced, impossible to play, shit burger of a game ever made?

Happy Thanksgiving! Or if you have legitimate problems with the holiday, then I just wish thanks to you and yours! And thanks to our listeners!





Except, Freak.












You know we love you, Freak!






RPGrinders Review #38 - Yomawari: Lost in the Dark

I review the Switch version of the third entry to this horror/adventure series!

Note: No Native PS5 version. Maybe an update later?



RPGrinders Review #37 - Ghost Song

I review the Xbox version of this fun Metroidvania!


RPGrinders EP 714 - Yeet the Rich

In this packed episode of RPGrinders, the crew gets through a decent chunk of news, with the biggest highlights being Wrestlequest and Sports Story. Frank has a review for Fall as well. For Stinkos, there's quite a bit to dicuss, such as the passing of Kevin Conroy and the Democrats pretending like they won the midterms. Call me crazy, but despite many States turning or maintaining Blue/Purple, losing the House isn't a victory. But with that unpleasant stuff out of the way, we can all enjoy drinking the delicious tears of whining rich losers at Colorado schools getting free and healthy lunches for the kids. Finally, the tourney for the worst Arcade game of All Time continues. Will your least favorite arcade game advance? Find out by listening right now, and be sure to check out the show live on /Fridays at 7 PM EST on Twitch/Youtube! 


RPGrinders EP 713- The One Where Eric Gets Pissed

Watch out because in this episode Eric is on a rampage! (not really but gotta get those clicks and views right?). After the news, the guys talk diversity (or lack thereof) in games, Frank is still sick, Break notices an uptick in racial tensions on twitter, and finally we start our "Worst Arcade Game of all Time" tournament!  Follow us on Twitter @RPGrinders, and be sure to join us LIVE every Friday 7EST right here: twitch.tv/rpgrinders

 Thanks for listening!


RPGrinders EP 712 - Night of the Living Butt-Head

The air is getting cooler. The days are getting shorter. And the RPGrinders are back with one last episode before the celebration of the holiest of holidays, Samhain!

It's once again time to celebrate the return of the dead. For one evening they will rejoin our plain of existence. The living and the dead will walk amongst each other. Some of the dead will torment the living. Some of the living will get a chance to get back that $5 that was borrowed right before the borrower died. All will celebrate the glory that is Samhain.

The only way to properly start the celebration of Samhain, is with the traditional reading of the news. The celebration only lasts for a day but by the time you recover, on the 3rd of November, Sword and Fairy: Together Forever will be available on the Xbox. Unfortunately, several games don't arrive until long after the blessed day. Wo Long: Fallen Destiny, Loop8: Summer of Gods, and another update to Fallout 4 won't arrive until next year.

It's not a widely known fact, but some of the dead only return for one night of movie binging. Television access in the afterlife is spotty, at best. With the dead in mind the Grinders have several great movie recommendations. If they are looking for a constant reminder of their own demise, 28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later, and the legendary Night of the Living Dead! If the dead are just looking for some laughs, they may enjoy League of Super-Pets, the Rise of Gru, or the return of the stupidest teenagers in cartoon history: Beavis & Butt-Head! However, the dead should beware of movies like Morbius and the Sawyer Family Massacre. Those movies will make them wish they had stayed dead.

On Samhain, we will feast. We will dance. We will celebrate and commit ritual sacrifices! Before the fun can begin, the Grinders need to address everyone's favorite segment, the Stinkos! Frank is forced to fight one of man's oldest foes, the common cold. Break is angry about America's lack of fundamental gun laws. But not as angry as Eric is about the vile Florida politicians attacks on the Trans community. Unlike shitty "conservatives", Samhain does not discriminate! 

With the worst out of the way, it is time to celebrate the greatest of all Sweetos: Samhain. Dia do los Muertos. All Saints Day. Or by which it is most commonly referred, Halloween!

What better way to celebrate Samhain than to finally choose the Scariest Game of All Time?! Sixty-four games fought valiantly but now only the top four remain! What will be the scariest game of all time? Will Isaac be able to survive the horrors unleashed by cultist alien worshipers? Will a young college student save us all from the evil Ancients? Can detective Sebastian Castellanos survive the twisted world of Ruvik? Will Amanda Ripley find her mother or end up just another victim of the xenomorphs? They are all scary but which one will make you crap your pants? 

Samhain comes but once a year. The most wonderful time of the year!









How the fuck do you pronounce 'Samhain'??

Saa-wn? Sow-Wen? Sow-Unn? Sau-ihn? Sah-vin?








RPGrinders EP 711 - Unexpected Ports Lie in Silent Hills

In this packed episode of RPGrinders, the crew gets through a normal chunk of news, with highlights being two odd Switch ports, and Konami making another big push for Silent Hill. Afterward, Eric reviews a few creature features with Beast, Jurassic Park Dominion: Extended Edition, and Werewolf by Night. Frank reviews the first season of The Rings of Power and Incantation. Then there are the usual stinkos, with Eric and Frank talking about the whole Bayonetta 3 voice actor mess. The sweetos at least include Frank writing a movie script and his rechargeable Xbox controller batteries. Then we finally get to the semi-final round for the Greatest Horror videogame of All Time! Be sure to tune in to hear the conclusion on Friday 10-27-2022, only on Twitch/Youtube, at 7 PM EST! 



RPGrinders EP 710 - Ooooooh Spooooooky!

This episode we dig in to round 3 of our scariest game of all time, short news cycle, Eric has a couple of new reviews on the feed, Eric and Frank review She Hulk and Halloween Ends (don't miss this!), and Break laughs at Alex Jones!  All this and more on a great episode of the Grinders!  Join us LIVE every Friday 7EST here: http://twitch.tv/RPGrinders Thanks for listening!


RPGrinders Review #36 -The Legend of Heroes: Trails From Zero

I review the long-awaited first game in the second arc of the Trails series for the PS4!

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