RPGrinders EP 546- Dildo Fingers

This episode we talk more fantastic RPG news announcements including a "dream daddy" game (just wait till you hear this one), Dear BreakMan ask us if we prefer fruits or veggies, Eric talks Final Fantasy live action series coming to Netflix, Frank wonders what the Nightmare on Elm porn parody is like (think dildo fingers!), and to top things off we talk about games that try to be too edgy.  Get your popcorn!  Follow us on Twitter @RPGrinders and send us those #DearBreakMan questions!  Also please give a buck or two to Eric on his patreon and check out his reviews on various sites, he's a great reviewer! Thanks for listening! Help Eric write reviews!


RPGrinders EP 545 - Happy Frank Day!

A short news week gives the Grinders plenty of time to talk about politics, relationships, war, food, and even sports. Devil May Cry coming to the Switch, Disaster Report 4, and an Alpha Protocol delisting are just a few of today's shortened news segment. 

The shortened news gives the Grinders plenty of time for the best new segment, #DearBreakMan! They answers readers questions about eating food they hate and changing sexuality. If you want more of their wisdom, just Tweet a question to @RPGrinders and add #DearBreakMan. 

Reviews of Boar, Hangman, the Hunter X Hunter reboot, and more. 

Stinkos about EA lawyers, Redbox, and possible war with Iran. There is nothing more terrible than war. 

Sweetos about Jon Stewart, baseball and more. Followed by a Highscapade about the "Netflix" show Good Omens.

For the Free For All, Frank asks everyone about their favorite foods. All the talk of donuts, shrimp, and deliciousness can only be cured by a Food Quest! 

Make America Garbage Again.


RPGrinders EP 544 - The Great E3 Rush of 2019

In this seemingly Newless and Breakless episode of the show, The normal news format is eschewed in favor of all the E3 reveals of note, and both Eric and Break are absent in the beginning. Eric shows up not long after, but Break shows up near the end. But before that, there is also some discussion on Nintendo's approach to dealing with crunch, and the typical shareholder blowback that happens because of it. Frank also has some reviews of horror movies to share. And last but not least, there is a bit of everything favorite new segment, Dear Break Man. Be sure to check out the show live on Twitch/Youtube, at 7PM EST! 


RPGrinders EP 543- #FapandPoop

This episode we get down and dirty!  After a gamut of news pre E3 the boys talk a bunch of sales on the Playstation network (Days of Play sale), Eric and Frank review Godzilla (plus reviews of Dark Phoenix, Iconoclasts game, Ma movie, and Brightburn), Break loves ice cream, and finally we discuss our worst foods!  Also Breakman loves olives and peaches!(not really).  Follow us on Twitter @RPGrinders and send your #DearBreakman questions and comments, we will respond to them, nothing is off limits!  If you would like to support Eric's written reviews, send him some coin here: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4237202


RPGrinders EP 542 - Syrup or Jelly?

In today's episode, the RPGrinders talk about important topics like salad tossing and pooping. As well as discussions on Baldur's Gate coming to consoles, the company Loot Crate, Dragon Quest Builders 2, the live action Aladdin movie, politics, sex, and much more!

Eric and Frank are forced to tackle the news alone, since BreakMan was too busy taking a Godzilla shit to show up on time. They even had enough time for Eric to give his review of Aladdin.

When Break finally arrived he brought with him a Dear BreakMan bonanza! Today he recommends the best sex songs, the right food for ass eating, and the return of the Would You Rather!

I thought I farted but I shit. 




RPGrinders EP 541 - Worn Out Shoe Blues

In this episode of RPGrinders, we get through a bit of news, and then go over the stinkos and sweetos as per usual. Highlights include THQ Nordic buying a company, more talk of game censorship, and the shift to digital. Afterwards, We talk about how the Sonic movie receiving a delay might be for the best, and Eric has shoe troubles. Finally before jumping into our pre-E3 predictions, Eric and Frank have a review for John /wick, and Frank reviews Office Uprising. Be sure to tune in live for more interaction on Fridays at 7PM EST on Twitch and Youtube!


RPGrinders EP 540- Adam Whitlatch Interview

In this extra packed edition of RPGrinders, after the news, the guys have special guest Adam J. Whitlatch author of War of the Worlds: Goliath, The Weller, and Vengeance for my Valentine among others to discuss his books, his upcoming RPG based on The Weller, and everybody's favorite topic politics!  Adam weighs in on creating art, antidotes about conventions, and also has his very unique take on all of our classic segments like Stinkos and Sweetos of the week!  You definitely don't want to miss this special interview episode of RPGrinders!  Please check out Adam's website here: Adam's Website

Thanks for listening! You can follow us on Twitter @RPGrinders and make sure to send ANY question you would like to that twitter account, Break Man would love to answer them!!


RPGrinders EP 539 - Shovel Break

This weeks episode of RPGrinders is filled with news, reviews, sex toys, abortion laws, toxic masculinity, Detective Pikachu, magic mushrooms, and so much more! 

With E3 just over a month away there are plenty of news stories. The remake of Final Fantasy 7, a new expansion for Monster Hunter and a Taiwanese developed game named Dusk Diver, just to name a few.

The newest and greatest segment, #DearBreakMan, has more questions that need to be answered. Today's questions feature proper testicle cupping etiquette and coming out after 45. (Remember to always wash your hands before cupping balls.) Break is here to save the world one tweet at a time!

It wouldn't be Grinders without Stinkos and Sweetos. Stinkos about new abortion laws, anti-vaxxers, and the tariff-man are more than enough bad news, so it's good to have a sex toy Sweeto to offset the bad.

Before ending the show the Grinders tackle the topic of toxic masculinity. Different perceptions of masculinity, toxic behavior, and "mansplaining" are just part of this important conversation. 

Legalize cow shit. 




RPGrinders EP 538 - Sonic the Horrorhog

In this spoiler filled Endgame podcast, the guys get through the news, and frank has a review of King Oddball, now that's he's got the platinum for it. Afterwards, we do spoil Endgame with our more in-depth review of the film, as well as give our picks for most anticipated summer movies of 2019. Afterwards we give our stinkos to a few immoral pieces of crap, and talk about that Sonic movie reveal, But the most interesting discussion is the topic of industry crunch. Be sure to watch the show live on Fridays at 7PM EST on Twitch or Youtube!


RPGrinders EP 537- BreakMan My Hero

This episode we die, go to heaven, and are given the opportunity to watch Avengers: Endgame.  We do a SPOILER FREE mini review of Avengers: Endgame (spoiler filled review next week), new friends join chat, Eric reviews Okko's Inn, Break Man gets new theme music for his segment, Break and Frank tag team an idiot Twitter troll (you don't want to miss this ridiculousness), and finally Break Man is justifiably pissed that Walgreen's has raised the minimum age to purchase tobacco to 21 even though he doesn't smoke.  Wanna know his reasoning? All in this spectacular non bloated packed edition of the longest running podcast about RPG's and skepticism!  Follow us on Twitter @RPGrinders and be sure to send your #dearBreakMan questions (anything goes!) to said Twitter account, all entries will be discussed on the show.  Also, please support our written word reviewer extrodinaire Eric here: Eric's Patreon