RPGrinders EP 466 - Back in the Saddle Again

On this special episode of RPGrinders, the crew re-settles back into it's original timeslot for the forseeable future, and hopefully it bears more fruit this time. After getting through the brief news, there's much discussion on even more poticals, and we almost get sidetracks with cartoons and comics. Eric isn't around becuase they can't talk, although they still manage to haunt the chatroom to be there in spirit. Be sure to tell all of your friends about the move, and maybe listen to other shows on The Wicked Radio Network!


RPGrinders EP 464 - Thor’s Bogus Adventure

In this movie review filled episode of RPGrinders, the guys once again do without Mug, as they make their announcement to move back to Fridays a fortnight from now. It's really for everyone's best interests. But after gettign the chunky news segment out of the way, Eric reviews Thor: Ragnarock and Pokemon - I Choose You. There's also a review of the roundabout expereince they had seeing Justice League. Maybe He'll actually review it next week, or the following week. But we also get in on the holiday consumer spirit with everyone's favorite, Black Friday. Break busts out the sweet deals for games and hardware, and that's a wrap! Be sure to check out other great shows on Wicked Radio Network! 


RPGrinders EP 462 - Tit or Treat

As the night of Old Hallows Eve approaches, the Grinders prepare for the frights to come.

They celebrate the holliday by sharing some of their favorite scary movies and games. Zombies, werewolves, vampires, critters, puppets, Pinheads, ghosts, and all sorts of the scariest things.

Before the scary fun begins, the Grinders trek through a long news cycle and get hung up on Stinkos. Frank and Break get into another back and forth, this time over the government and the tax rates of corporations. Before things get too heated, Mug is there to be the adult in the room. Frank and Break might never agree but they will always be friends.

Horror, racism, politics. The Grinders are never afraid to tackle any issue!

Happy Halloween. MUHAHAHAHA!






RPGrinders EP 460- No If’s, And’s, or Buttholes

This episode sees the Grinders talk about South Park's latest video game The Fractured, But Whole, Eric joins in late, Mug is on assignment.  Will the Grinders implode?  Listen in to find out!

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RPGrinders EP 458 - Big Mac in Ronald’s Pants

In this saucy episode of RPGrinders, the crew goes without Mug once again to deliver the news, sweetos, and stinkos. The discussion of a Food Wars RPG also crops up, but that's nothing compared to the political discussion from current events involving our 'leader'. And sex robots are totally going to kill us. Enjoy this, and hopefully other shows on the Wicked Radio Network! And please support Eric's patreon if you like thier work: 



RPGrinders EP 456- Never Fun League

This ep Frank flies solo for the latest rpg news, Eric calls in, Break joins in later.  Break and Frank talk facebook, crappy scammers, boxing, and sports in general.  Follow us on twitter @RPGrinders, send us a topic/comment/question and we will mention you on air the following week! be sure to join us live every Saturday 3EST time Youtube/Twitch/Ustream and join the live chat! Archived in all things podcast like ITunes/Stitcher etc.  Thanks for listening!


RPGrinders EP 454 - Master Balls of Ire

In this jam-packed episode of RPGrinders, the crew competes against itself to have the longest episode in the podcast's history. It all starts wit hthe usual news and reviews, before Stinkos and Sweetos, but we go way over once Pizzgate Howie comes back to talk Trump! Just imagine if the Frosty OIne himself were there! It would have been more monumentous! It's a really great show, don't be sure to miss this one! 


Video of Nursing getting arrested for doing their job



RPGrinders EP 453- Jalapeno Harmonica

In this episode guest "Pizzagate" Howie (@PGHowie2 on Twitter) takes on the grinders in a conspiracy debate after the usual news, Mug says the end is nigh, Break breaks down why he's not getting the McCregor Mayweather fight, and Frank has an issue with the pardon Trump gave to known criminal Joe Arpaio. Follow us on Twitter @RPGrinders and join the chat in twitch/youtube/ustream live every Saturday 3EST!


RPGrinders EP 452- Nice Hawaiian Punch?

In this ep Mug is back!  We celebrate a new format of the show (We are on Twitch, Ustream, AND YouTube!) The guys have a heated convo about nazi's, Don "Tiny Hands" Trump, and incrementalism.  Oh and games, no really, games. Follow us on Twitter @RPGrinders and be sure to catch our live show and join the chat on either Youtube, Twitch, and Ustream every Saturday at 3EST!  


RPGrinders EP 451 - Treasure Lesbians

In this news filled episode of RPGrinders, we go Mugless once again, and are at a crossroads with what to do with the future of Our stream. Youtube or Twitch. Things are a changin' at RPGrinders. But to cap off the show after are sweetos and stinkos, there is heated discussion on whether or not there will be a war with North Korea. Be sure to listen for the thrills, chills, and bedlam!