RPGrinders EP 383-Rants and Raves

April 1, 2016

It's April Fool's Day, and this week, Frank is out "sick," so it's up to Eric, Break, and Mug to take up his slack. Aaaaaas usual. This week, the guys go through a hefty volume of news, expound at length about the prospects of Final Fantasy XV's success, and go off on a weird tangent about Sonic games. The sweetos and stinkos are where it's at. Join the fun of listening to Mug rant articulately about the authoritarian left! Thrill to Break declaring his undying love for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump! Recoil in horror at Eric just sort of shaking his head and wondering how his life has led him to this point! But be there, or else the Death Squads will be at your door within the hour.