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In this pulse-pounding episode, the crew comes face to face with a villain the likes of which they have never faced... the half human, half-dinosaur known only as DUNGEONBUSTER! In spite of his ability to cure debilitating diseases that cause horrible pain and suffering for countless people. DB is determined to wreak havoc and evil across the globe until he meets a worthy opponent in an SNK fighting game! Mug bravely steps up to face the challenge, though it threaten his very life! Break dishes on some genuinely serious shit that defies this goofy description, Eric talks of his gaming exploits, and Frank speaks of his concerns if Trump should win the Presidential election. The world may not be here by the time November 11th rolls around, but know that we are @RPGrinders, and we appreciate every one of you. Follow each of us @wickedbranches, @EricRPG, @MoriyaMug, and @BREAK_MAN, should the world still exist by this time next week! Assuming the internet still works, we will be here reporting!

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