RPGrinders EP 533 - Marijuana vs Alcohol

March 29, 2019

The RPGrinders have so much to talk about that the normal 2 hours just isn't enough! Gaming news, reviews, stinkos, sweetos and so much more to talk about.

There aren't a lot of news stories but articles about the upcoming 8-bit action game Cyber Ninja and the shooter rpg hybrid Borderlands 3 give the Grinders plenty of verbal fodder. 

While the news is dominated by games, movies are the primary focus of reviews. Eric reviews the horror "classic" Urban Legend, he's joined by Frank for the review of the new horror classic US, and Break reviews the Motley Crew biography The Dirt. 

Stinkos get pretty foul with countries like Brunei enacting Shiria Law and Frank losing something to which he has grown rather fond. 

Baseball season may be boring to a lot of gamers but Break couldn't be more excited. Almost as excited as Eric is for the upcoming Hello Kitty vs Gundam movie or Frank's love for the great young director Jordan Peele. 

Despite being close to the normal end time Frank spends some time talking about a very serious issue, Criminal Justice Reform. Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi are just a couple of the political figures that are a part of this political conversation.

Although the last topic was heavy, the Grinders leave on a high note. Or whatever note the cowbell plays.

Break Underscore Man