RPGrinders EP 536 - Bad Friday

April 19, 2019

This overstuffed Good Friday edition of Grinders has a wide range of topics. The Pet Sematary remake, abortion, and more Would You Rathers than they have ever done, just to name a few.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 and Dark Devotion get release dates, the Ys series gets a new mobile game, and the Final Fantasy Symphony highlight the news.

The Twitter segment gets renamed Dear Breakman and gets new questions. Break Man can't wait to give advice and share his lack of knowledge with the world. Just tweet @rpgrinders with the hash tag #dearbreakman for relationship advice, men, women, toilet practices, or whatever you want to know.

If you don't need advice, how about a #WouldYouRather ? Would you rather step on hot coals or LEGO blocks? Would you rather live for 100 years under a rock or under the sea? Would you rather know the answer to these questions or ask your own?

Hellboy, Pet Sematary, Shazam, Megalo Box, and Penguin Highway all get reviews.

For the Grinders Free For All they address the important topic of abortion. New laws, contraception, religion, and teen pregnancy are all a part of the discussion. There may be some disagreement but not when it comes to a woman's ownership of HER body. 

The show may end on a heavy subject but the mood never sours. 

Don't masturbate in public.