RPGrinders EP 587 - We’re Not Gonna Protest

April 18, 2020

This episode of RPGrinders may be shorter but it's not lacking content! Including some sad voice acting news, the pandemic and "Old Man" Frank upping is game! 

It's a shorter news segment but one with a heavy heart. As the Grinders mourn the deaths of two voice actors, Paul Haddad and Keiji Fujwara. 

Not only have we lost 2 voice actors but a sad Stinko segment has 2 more celebrity deaths. The Grinders mourne ring announcer Howard Finkel and prolific actor Brian Dennehy. Not only have we lost famous people but the entire country continues to be ravaged by the terrible COVID-19. How many more lives will be lost? Why do some people continue to fight against the quarantine? 

Even with all the sad news the Grinders keep things upbeat. Reviews of the Netflix Docu-Series Trump: An American Dream, the bloody good time movie VFW, and the very dark series You. 

Before ending this episode, Eric and Frank discuss the upcoming stimulus refund. For the finale segment, Frank wants to know what everyone thinks of the protesters?

Everyone please stay home unless you have to partake in legendary quest for TP.