RPGrinders EP 590 - Butt Hurt Break

May 9, 2020

On this episode of RPGrinders, Frank and Eric are almost forced to do the show alone because Break takes things way too seriously. Hurt feelings don't last long and they don't stop the show!

Lately we have had a lot of game delays but this episode's news is all good. Bandai Namco announces Scarlet Nexus for the current and next gen, while Children of Morta gets a new update, and Korean action RPG Bellatia is available now! 

Frank has had a busy week and has a lot of reviews as proof. He has an overall positive attitude for the Purge movies and the series Attack on Titan. Lest we forget this is a gaming podcast, Frank also reviews Call of Duty Modern Warfare remastered.

As usual, the Stinkos take a very serious turn. Racial inequality, broken friendships, the injustice system, and even murder. Luckily, there are always some Sweetos to help us get through.

For the final segment, Frank asks "Are RPGs too long?" It's safe to say that the Grinders are fine with longer games. What do you think? Just tweet us @RPGrinders 

Twitch vs YouTube vs Microsoft vs Sony.....FIGHT!!!