RPGrinders EP 593 - 1 Puff 4 Sure

May 29, 2020

On this episode of RPGrinders, the issue of police violence and the murder of George Floyd are addressed. Although time is made for the normal show segments, the issue of how the police treat minorities is important enough to be this episodes main focus. The Grinders even invite their good friend @freak5chaos to join in on the discussion. 

Frank has a lot to say about the police, racism, murder, civil unrest, and years of oppression. He has never hid his feelings about police. He also wants to know how others feel. If you want to defend the police or agree with Frank, just tweet @RPGrinders and let us know.

Even though the topic at hand is of the most importance, the Grinders still have to put on a show. A lot of gaming news stories, including the upcoming Dragon Quest: Adventure of Dai. Adventure of Dai is coming to consoles, phones, arcades, and it's even getting a TV show.  

Fuck the police.