RPGrinders EP 596 - That New Laptop Smell

June 20, 2020

On this extra stuffed episode, the Grinders discuss Brazilian developers, baseball nonsense, and murder. Not to mention, tons of news, a couple of reviews from Eric, and Frank going to war against the Confederacy. Don't worry about Frank because Confederates always wave the white flag in defeat.

A lot of news including a vague release date for Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memories, the pc release of Little Town Hero, the delay of Cyberpunk 2077, and the console release of some Toaplan shmups.

Eric enjoyed the Definitive Editions of Ori and the Blind Forest as well as Xenoblade but Frank can't hide his displeasure with Velocipastor.

For the final show segment, Frank points out the absurdity of praising the treasonous Confederacy. Net to end on such a sour note, the Grinders also talk about some of features of the upcoming Xbox Series X.

The RPGrinders stand with America, not treason!