RPGrinders EP 599 - Chance to Win a Free Game on Episode 600

July 11, 2020

This is the last episode of RPGrinders before hitting the huge milestone of 600 episodes! This isn't the pen ultimate episode because next week isn't the end. With 599 episodes complete, the RPGrinders are still going strong with no signs of stopping!

This episode includes news about the upcoming release of Ys Origins for the Switch, Vagrus: the Riven Realms coming to Steam and GOG on July 22nd, Dragon Marked For Death coming to the Playstation Network, and Monster Rancher 2 being ported to the Switch and mobile platforms later this year.

Frank reviews the horror movies Beach House and Rattlesnake. He also reviews Disney Plus' latest release, the musical Hamilton. 

As usual, there are plenty of Stinkos. The spread of COVID-19 continues to be a hot topic, as well the lack of separation of church and state. It's not all bad though because Frank's car and the SCOTUS might be Stinkos but they are also Sweetos! You'll have to listen to find out why.

Before ending another fun episode, the Grinders spend time preparing for episode 600. That episode will feature a 64 bracket style tournament to determine what is the greatest cartoon series of all time! Let us know your favorite cartoons.

Never bury the lead. 




There will be a contest for a free game for chatters as well as a gift card for listeners!