RPGrinders EP 602 - Ghost Bangers

August 1, 2020

On this episode of RPGrinders, the guys discover the meaning of an anti-rpg. Break teaches the world about Ghosting and Frank surprises everyone with two big announcements.


The popularity of the cartoon bracket has inspired him to make it a monthly even. Start the month with 64 players then determine a winner at the end of the month. Starting on August 7th, the Grinders will determine the greatest N64 game of all time. Tweet @RPGrinders your favorite N64 games.


Frank's other big announcement is the return of Grinder Dance Party. Twice a month on Saturdays at 7 PM Eastern. He'll be bringing the FUNK starting on August 1st! Tweet @FrankBranches for the link. 


Other than the big announcements, it's business as usual, or as usual as it gets for RPGrinders. The news and topics include: An anti-rpg, a bumbling Biden, the Gaslighter and Chief, bad news for a child rapist, advice about Ghosting, and even tarot card reading.


Stay safe. Always practice Western Ghost Grip.